Farm to table


"ローカル""少量生産""アルチザン"にこだわった、 カルフォルニアスタイルのハイカジュアルレストラン。 全てのメニューはシェフが素材からインスピレーションを得た、 二子玉川でしか味わうことのできない品々です。

Rooted in humility and hospitality,Farmshop strives to honor those farmers and artisans without whose livelihood our tables would be empty. With meticulous care, we welcome you to share in our flavorful findings on the dishes of Farmshop's restaurants and market shelves. We invite you to join our family in a cooperative collaboration from farm to feast. Experience ever-changing abundance from California and beyond, in every bite a story of the seasons to be tasted and told by our chefs, cheesemongers, bakers, butchers, and greengrocers. Sit back and enjoy the tale.